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Welcome to BISMA, we are a leading training provider for fitness qualifications in the UK. Our qualifications are recognised by national and international Awarding Organisations.

All our Awarding Body qualifications are Ofqual regulated, CIMSPA Accredited, Internationally Recognised and your certification will be recognised as an Official UK Regulated Qualification.

Our Fitness Qualifications including the Level 3 Personal TrainingLevel 2 Fitness InstructingLevel 4 Yoga TeacherLevel 4 Strength and Conditioning and Level 4 Nutrition courses are awarded by Focus Awards, and our First Aid Qualifications are awarded by Highfield.

Are our Qualifications Accredited?

Yes, our qualifications are officially accredited by government-approved regulators in many countries and regions, such as the UK Government Regulated by Ofqual. Our First Aid courses are also Approved by the UK Government under HSE.

Are our Qualifications Recognised?

Yes, our qualifications are recognised nationally and internationally by many registering bodies, including CIMSPA (UK), EREPs (Europe), and ICREPs (International).

We offer UK regulated courses (Ofqual), to ensure you will receive the best possible professional courses in such important areas, especially when they are related to Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Medical training.”

We have many learners working in Europe using our qualifications, as UK regulated (Ofqual) certifications are very well accepted in Europe and other places internationally. However, we recommend all learners do their own research before purchasing any of our courses, this could include contacting local gyms at the Country/City that the learner wants to work and double check if our qualification is valid/accepted there.

UK qualifications tend to be recognised in many places in Europe and other places internationally. Some Countries ask overseas personal trainers to undertake an exam prior to allowing them to operate at there. In America, some UK graduates have been asked to do an ACSM exam, that tends to be affordable (a few hundred dollars) and allowed them to operate there as personal trainers.

How Long Does It Take to Get my “Paperwork Assessment” or “Video Assessment” Marked?

For the Level 2 Fitness Instructor course and the Level 3 Personal Training course, it will normally take around 10 working days (equivalent to 14 days) to get any assessment submission marked.

For other courses, especially level 4 and 5 courses, the marking process will take around 3-4 weeks to be completed.

PS. When you re-submit any part of the assessment (paperwork or practical assessment) it will take the same time as above for the marking of re-assessments to be completed and a feedback to be issued to you. Please ensure the paperwork and/or video assessment sent to us, is as complete as possible and have enough details to achieve a pass mark, and so, we will be able to certify you, without the need to request you to re-submit any part of your paperwork or video assessment.

How Long Does It Take to Get my “E-Certificate” or “Completion Letter”?

After you have completed the entire course, passing on both “Practical Assessment” and “Paperwork Assessment”. We will email you within around 10 working days, the “E-Certificate” for learners that have already completed the full payment for their course or “Completion Letter” for learners that still have payments left for their course, the completion letter allows learners to apply for jobs and even start working, as most employers accept completion letters during their recruitment process.

PS. Level 4 and Level 5 e-certificates can take longer, around 1-2 months (we can issue a completion letter quickly as soon as all units are completed).

How Long Does It Take to Get my “Hard Copy Certificate”?

After you have completed the entire course, passing on both “Practical Assessment” and “Paperwork Assessment”. We will send you the “Hard Copy Certificate” within around 30 working days counting from the date that all assessments have been passed (for learners that have already completed the full payment for their course). Please note that you can use the “E-Certificate” to start working straight away, and so, you don’t need to keep waiting for the “Hard Copy Certificate” to start looking for jobs. PS. Level 4 and Level 5 qualifications can take around 3-6 months to get the hard copy certificate after all units are completed and payments are also completed.

How are you going to be assessed for the level 2 fitness instructor course and level 3 personal training course?

There are 2 assessment parts that need to be completed:- Paperwork (portfolio), this part of the course is basically a word document (containing questions and assignments) that can be completed on your own time, and when you are ready to send for marking, you can send the paperwork (portfolio) by email on admin@bisma.org – Practical Assessment, this can be completed by attending a practical assessment or by sending us a video assessment by email on admin@bisma.org

How distance learning students go about studying for their course?

We have a learner portal that includes video lessons, e-books and other learner resources. We also have open-days and assessment-days available for distance learners to help them in completing their practical assessment and paperwork (portfolio).  

What is the estimated length of time that the course takes?

Most Learners complete the course in about 6-8 weeks

Are the 10 optional CPD courses all conducted online with online assessments and certification?

Yes, the CPD courses can be completed online, and get the certification also, and we have optional open days for the CPD courses also.

Why I Should Not Apply for Jobs Before Receiving my Certificate?

Learners are expected to complete the entire course and receive the certificate, before applying for any job and any other other vacancies. 

Applying for jobs without receiving your certificate will only cause you dissatisfaction, as well as, frustrate potential employers that will be unable to offer you a vacancy. 

When I should NOT apply for jobs?

– Completed the lessons, practical assessment, submitted the paperwork and after around 10-15 working days received the feedback about the paperwork (with instructions for corrections that need to be made about your coursework) and haven’t been certified yet.

When I should start applying for jobs?

– Completed the lessons, practical assessment, submitted the paperwork, after around 10-15 working days received the feedback about the paperwork (passing on all elements of the course) AND Received the Certificate.

– Or in summary only apply for jobs when you have received the certificate.

Are all “Accredited” Fitness Courses and Nutrition Courses Accepted for Employment in the UK?

The word “accredited” can be used in many ways, and it may indicate that the course has some sort of accreditation that may or may not be recognised (or accepted) for employment in the UK.
Be aware especially at nutrition courses, nutrition recommendation for anyone suffering from medical conditions should ideally only be done by a registered Dietitian, for healthy individuals, the nutritional course should be delivered by a credible University or Educational Centre and for professional nutritional course (non-university level) as a minimum it would need to be an Ofqual regulated qualification that should be only used as a complementary course to your Ofqual/CIMSPA personal training qualification.
If your fitness and/or nutrition course is not an Ofqual qualification and is instead “accredited” by an “alternative” or “complementary” association, we would recommend conducting more due diligence before spending time or money with that course.
We only run Ofqual regulated Personal Training qualifications that are also accepted by CIMSPA (UK register for exercise professionals) to ensure all learners will receive a certificate that will be accepted nationally at all fitness venues that are looking for fitness professionals.
Ofqual regulates A Levels, GCSEs and professional qualifications (example, courses in electrical installation, plumbing, personal training, etc.)
If your certificates don’t contain any indications of being an Ofqual certificate, we would call this type of certification an unregulated course.
A regulated qualification would have the Ofqual symbol at the certificate and contain other elements to clear indicate a regulated qualification. 
If your certificates are not Ofqual regulated, you will probably not find an employer that will allow you to work with unregulated qualifications. You will also probably not find an educational centre that will accept these certificates and allow you to join an advanced course that has a pre-requisite qualification, using unregulated certificates.
We would recommend everyone looking for a “professional qualification” to only qualify with an Official UK certification, regulated by Ofqual and for fitness courses also be accepted by CIMSPA (register for exercise professional), such as our qualifications. Not all Ofqual regulated qualifications will be CIMSPA accepted, and so, it’s important to ensure your fitness course will be as a minimum both CIMSPA accepted and Ofqual regulated.

Can I Ask Anyone from BISMA to Provide me with a Job/Work References?

Please note that BISMA staff is unable to provide you with references for Jobs or Universities. Please ask your current or former employer (or former school teacher) for this.

What makes a Professional Competent in the UK?

When a professional aims to be competent in the UK, this person should ideally be Qualified, Registered and Insured.
– Qualified: meaning achieving a qualification that is recognised and accepted by the registering body of that Country (CIMSPA).
– Registered: meaning registered as a professional on that field, using the current registering organisation of the Country that you want to work, in the UK, CIMSPA is the official registering body.
– Insured: professionals are also required to have adequate professional insurance.

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