Are our Qualifications Accredited?

Yes, our qualifications are officially accredited by government-approved regulators in many countries and regions, such as the UK Government Regulated by Ofqual, Europe by the European Qualifications Framework, Northern Ireland by CEA Regulation. Our First Aid courses are also Approved by the UK Government under HSE.

Are our Qualifications Recognised?

Yes, our qualifications are recognised nationally and internationally by many registering bodies, including REPs/CIMSPA (UK), EREPs (Europe), and ICREPs (International).

Why don’t you offer very cheap qualifications that are not government-approved and are only Accredited by (questionable) Alternative or Complementary Therapy Associations?

The answer can be found in the question.

But you could make so much money offering very cheap qualifications that are not government-approved and only Accredited by (questionable) Alternative or Complementary Therapy Associations, why don’t you just do it?

Let me ask you a question, to help you understand this issue: “If you suffered from a serious injury or medical complication at work. Would you like to receive first aid treatment from a first aider qualified with an Online First Aid Training Course Accredited by an Alternative Therapy Association or a First Aider that received Face-to-Face First Aid Training that is Regulated by the UK Government under Ofqual and Approved by the UK Government under HSE?”

Let me clarify further: “We will not offer professional courses that are not regulated by the government in such important areas, especially when they are related to Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Medical training.”

We can, however, offer additional independent courses that are not professional courses, meaning, they don’t graduate you as a professional in an area, example: “introduction to quantum physics” (this course wouldn’t graduate you as a physicist)

How to be successful as a Personal Trainer or Yoga Teacher or other Fitness Professional?

In Summary, you should “Protect” your hard-earned money against scams and get “Professional Financial Advice”:

Part 1: Avoid “Get Rich Quick Schemes” or similar Schemes that start with a “Free Event or Free Webinar or Free Course” where you are likely to be pressure sold expensive training courses that promise a millionaire return (while your savings dry out). Unfortunately, there are people that work with manipulation and deception, approaching people with great-sounding training courses and what you realize at the end is that, your money is what is making them rich. Examples of these questionable schemes are £10,000 plus courses in “Property Investor Training”, “Learn How to Become a Millionaire” using YouTube/Instagram/Amazon/Selling Supplements, etc. Instead, you can study these subjects by just buying £25 books (just ensure the book was written by a successful person that is specialized in this field), and researching on Google for Free. (Why would you pay £10,000 in investing if you could save or even start investing £10,000?) For more information on “Get Rich Quick Schemes/Scams”, please visit the Solicitors Regulator Authority (SRA). If you want to invest in your future, you can get professional advice from a Licenced Finacial Advisor.

Part 2: Avoid Going into Business with anyone that you don’t know personally for long-time (use a 10 years rule). Unfortunately, there are people that work with manipulation and deception, approaching people with great-sounding business ideas but no cash, and they want you to go into business with them, and so, they can run away with your money. Instead aim to start a business with a family member that you go along really well or a close friend that you know very well for a long time. You can get more information on Business Partnership directly from the government.

Part 3: Focus on long term goals. Proven strategies that have worked for most people are less risky and offer a much better chance of success. Approach a Licenced Finacial Advisor, to set up realistic goals that work for you and your family, while avoiding Overspending and Underspending, and find a balance that works for you.

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