Register your interest in being able to “Refer a Friend” by entering your details on this form.

Summary of the registration process:

1) Complete the form below

2) BISMA will send you an email accepting or rejecting your application

3) If your application is accepted, BISMA will provide further instructions on how to refer friends and how to redeem the Referral Credit (10% of the payment made by your referrals to be used as credit on future courses).

    Tick that you:

    • Please note that you have to be Registered and Approved by BISMA before you can claim credit towards future course by referring learners
    • Agree with the terms and conditions for this referral fee process
    • Understand that this is not a form of employment of any kind
    • Understand that referrals must be made prior to the enrolment process of the referred friend
    • Understand that your Referral Credit can only be used towards future BISMA courses done by yourself

    Referral Terms and Conditions Explained:

    • After your application is approved, you will need to send the details of the friends referred by sending an email to us on (including the friend’s full name, email and phone number). Your referral email must be sent before your referral friend signed to a course or contacted us, in any way.
    • Maximum Credit done will be 10% of the payment made by your referral friend as a credit to be used for future courses.
    • Referral Credit will only be available when the referred learner “Completes the Full Payment for the Referred Course”.
    • Referral Credit will only be processed after you register yourself as a “Referral Independent Agent”, agreeing with the terms and conditions of this referral process, understanding that this is not a job opportunity or employment of any kind, understanding that the credit is a gift provided to you for your generosity.
    • Referrals must be made before the enrolment of your friend into one of our courses. Please note that referrals entered here after the enrolment date/time for your referral will not count. Referrals made at the first day of the course and referrals made at the day of enrolment or the learner’s course will also not count.